Thursday, June 15, 2017

This is Gonna Be a Good One, I Can Tell . . .

Somehow I missed the initial announcement since he's already up to Chapter 2, but after what I can only assume was a rousing success with his pulpy gonzo space-opera web serial, science fiction grandmaster John C. Wright has announced his latest effort, Lost on the Last Continent:

Probably not the author.
And he wastes no time in getting to the stuff adventure literature is made of: UFO/space-plane chases, dogfights with dinosaurs, gunfights* with dinosaurs, treacherous landscapes, pithy inner dialogue - "He had two hands, after all. But only one Holland & Holland", - the works. And given that this is John C. Wright, I have no doubt that beneath all the spectacle will be a spiritual foundation both solid and thought-provoking.

Read Lost on the Last Continent here.

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*Because Colonel Preston Lost is exactly the sort of person to take a big-game rifle and an antique sidearm to test an experimental rocket-plane.