Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blog Quartet

One of the most quickly growing forms of media in the past few years is the blog. For that reason, it is peculiarly appropriate to review several blogs in a media review blog, like this one.

First off is The Brothers Brick. Many people played with LEGO bricks, or something similar, in their youth. Some of us never stopped. Contributors Andrew ("Dunechaser") and Josh keep readers informed of some of the coolest LEGO creations to be released onto the internet. Of special interest to me are the Steampunk ones, of which they post a great number.

Steampunk is also the theme of The Steampunk Librarian, who thoughtfully provides a number of links to places the steampunk enthusiast would enjoy. (I found the Port-O-Rotary especially entertaining.) Sadly, the author updates only sporadically, and the last post was made last March.

Speaking of historical anachronism, Geoffery Chaucer Hath a Blog is - how to explain it? It's a blog, written in Middle English (making it a challenge to read) under the persona of 14th century poet Geoffery Chaucer, presenting a medieval take on today's popular culture. Be sure to check out his take on Chuck Norris "facts".

Bringing this post full circle is Vignette Bricks, another LEGO fan blog, this one focusing one particular style of building - the small scene known as the "vignette". The author, Bruce, has even highlighted my own (extremely) modest attempts at the genre. That, alone, ensures a good report. ;)

All kidding aside, the blogs above have all given me great pleasure to peruse in the past, and I assume that they will in the future, as well.

(Except maybe The Steampunk Librarian.)

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